See Manatees and Other Fun Summer Break Activities in Florida

Manatee Kayaking and Other Fun Summer Break Activities in Florida

Summer break is coming up faster than you might realize. if you’re already planning to spend it in Florida, you’ve made the right choice. Here’s why you should try a manatee kayaking tour and a bunch of other fun activities.

During 2017 over 116 million visitors flocked Florida to lap up the sunshine and take advantage of its many touristic assets, especially it’s unique natural attractions.

If you are lucky enough to be planning a summer break in the Sunshine State this year, here’s a sample of the fun things to do in Florida that are waiting for you – and the manatee tour is a” must do!”

Manatee Kayaking Tours

Florida’s warm waters are not only a huge drawcard for tourists. They also attract manatees to bask in the temperate waters of its rivers and streams.

Once mistaken for mermaids, these creatures are fascinating to watch in the wild. When you embark on a kayaking trip in the Haulover Canal, you can get to experience this first-hand.

These friendly, curious creatures approach the kayaks without fear. This means you get to see them up close, lolling and basking in the Florida sunshine. They approach close enough to splash you as they come up for air and it’s hard to resist the urge to touch them.

Manatee kayaking tours are the closest you’ll ever get to some of Florida’s most prized wild species.

Do you love being out on the water, but manatees aren’t your cup of tea? You’re bound to find other kinds of kayaking tours in Florida that suit your style.

Bioluminescence Rafting Expeditions

Take a nighttime trip out on the Indian River Lagoon and see the water light up around your raft as you paddle along.

In the summertime, the plankton is responsible for this amazing natural phenomenon. It is a defense mechanism to dull the appetites of any lurking predators.

Kayaking among this beautiful display is one of Florida’s unique attractions and is not to be missed.

Children are welcome to join in the fun, making this one of your top adventure options for kid friendly vacations in Florida.

Biking in Seminole State Forest

Saddle up and take a trip through this beautiful diverse ecosystem. You’ll get to admire a multitude of birds, herds of deer and even an alligator or two if you’re lucky. It’s the best way to get your daily dose of fresh air, exercise, and sunshine during your summer break.

You can even head off on a biking and kayaking tour to make the most of your trip along the Econolockhatchee River.

This day-long adventure includes a picnic lunch and the chance to ride along some of Florida’s best single-track routes.

River Boat Cruises

If you’d rather not set sail under your own steam, there are other options. You can book a riverboat cruise in Fort Lauderdale, sweep along the Miami coastline in a speedboat, or whoosh through the Everglades on an airboat.

Riverboat cruises offer a range of dining options. You can choose from sit-down dinners to all-you-can-eat buffets. They are a relaxing way to get a feel for Florida’s ample waterways.

Explore the Depth of the Sunken Gardens

The Sunken Gardens in St Petersburg add beauty and diversity to a summer’s day. You’ll find an astonishing variety of over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers to admire here. Meandering paths lead to gushing waterfalls and gorgeous demonstration gardens.

Guided tours bring every specimen to life and interesting workshops and talks add an extra dimension to the experience.

Touch a Tortoise in Tampa Bay

The Lowry Park Zoo is one of your options during family-friendly vacations to Florida. Here you’ll find signature activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

You can feed an Indian Rhino or meet an Aldabra tortoise. There’s also an option to check out the background operations in the elephant, penguin, and white rhino enclosures.

There’s also a collection of African Painted dogs, orangutans, pygmy hippos and Florida panthers in residence. You can take a guided motorized safari, try out the new water ride adventure, or head to the rides in the amusement park.

Sugar Sand Park

For a fun and educational time that children love, head to this novel amusement park in Boca Raton. Here, little ones can lose themselves in learning at the Science Explorium and Science Playground. They can burn off some energy along the safe nature trails too.

Afterward, take a break under the shade trees while the kids ride on the giant carousel with its chariots and over 30 custom-designed horses.

Seaside Summer Break Activities

Smathers Beach in Key West is the place to go for watersports activities. Parasailing, windsurfing, kite-boarding and jetskiing are some of the most popular ones.

Jacksonville Beach offers opportunities for wreck diving and snorkeling along the man-made reef. It’s also a prime surfing spot. Close by, Adventure Landing is abuzz with arcade games, waterpark shenanigans, or go-karting.

Daytona Beach pumps up the action both day and night. Watersports, stock car driving, buzzing nightspots, and seaside restaurants will keep you busy around the clock.

Zip Above the Landscapes

Extreme adventurers can take things to a new level with a zip-lining extravaganza among the cliffs of Ocala. The trip takes you over lakes and through the wilderness with nine zip lines, a rappel and two rope bridges to negotiate.

It’s a great introduction to the natural bounty of Florida in only 3 hours. Experienced guides will show you the ropes and put you at ease.

Nearby, horseback riding offers a more sedentary view of your surroundings. You are in good hands with well-behaved horses and competent guides at your service.

Discovery Cove

Do you fancy a swim with the dolphins, a walk along the ocean floor or snorkeling alongside manta rays? Discovery Cove Orlando is the place for you.

Other fascinating creatures that you’ll get to meet here are a family of otters and a host of tropical birds. You can dine all day on fresh, filling treats, take an afternoon nap in your private cabana or indulge in a massage at the spa.

Start Planning Early

It’s time to stop dreaming of your summer break in Florida and take action. Don’t think it’s too early to start planning, you’ll beat the crowds by booking your adventures before you arrive.

Avoid disappointment! Get in touch with us to reserve your kayaking, biking, and rafting tours right away.

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