6 Reasons You Need to Experience Night Kayaking

6 Reasons You Need to Experience Night Kayaking

Have you heard about night kayaking but weren’t sure what you could expect from the experience? If so, keep reading to find out why this in becoming the most popular thing to do in Florida after theme parks!

If you thought that glow sticks and led lights were just for the ravers of the 90’s, then you’d have made a big mistake. While you have some beaches putting up lights for night surfing and the same for skateboarding, you never had that luxury for kayaking.

That’s all changing with night kayaking taking the nation by storm. With kayaking mixed with a little bioluminescence, this new experience has many excited with some glow in the dark anticipation.

If you like a taste of adventure and living on the wild side, night kayaking may just be the experience you’ve been looking for. Take an alternative look at kayaking like you’ve never seen before.

In this article we will explore some of the reasons that night kayaking may be for you, and why you should try it out as soon as you get chance.

What is Night Kayaking?

Just picture the scene. The stars are shining above you; you’re slowly gliding across the moonlit water. There are no splashing crowds of tourists; it’s just you and an intimate amount of people sharing in nature’s beauty.

Night kayaking is an awesome new adventure for anybody to an experience involving a beautiful mix of kayaking, nature, nighttime and sometimes bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is one of the planet’s best-kept secrets.

Tiny little organisms live in the water which when stirred sets off a ton of sparkles in the water. You’ll experience glowing trails as you glide through the water.

The Top 6 Reasons You Should Try Out Night Kayaking

With over 15 million people in the US kayaking every year it’s a popular pass time. The market for kayak sales is growing 3.5% year on year so you can only expect to see more and more people taking up the sport.

To get you in the spirit of all things night kayaking, we’ve put together this list of the six reasons you can’t miss out on nighttime kayaking.

1. Kayaking is a Great Upper Body Workout

If you’ve never been kayaking before you may not know this, but kayaking is one of the best ways to get out into the water, explore and also keep fit. Whether you’re exploring a simple lake or going for some white-water rafting adventures, you’ll experience some awesome fun and keep fit at the same time.

Particularly, kayaking is a great workout for your upper body. While paddling through the water, a good stroke is going to use all the different muscles in your upper body. This means that just one hour at 3mph is going to be nearly 1,500 repetitions of low-impact body movements.

No matter your fitness aims, you’re going to get toned doing that regularly.

2. Kayaking Has a Great Community Aspect

One of the most exciting and inviting aspects of night kayaking is the community aspect. There’s something intimate about sharing a nighttime experience with other people.

Instead of getting overwhelmed with crowds doing their own thing, smaller groups at nighttime make for a more pleasant shared experience.

3. Bioluminescence is Beautiful – See it in Clear Kayaks

Clear Kayaking BioluminescentMany night kayak tours will include a bioluminescence option in certain areas. This means instead of strapping LED strips to your body like the famous Well’s brothers you can get a light up show in the water.

Bioluminescence is where small organisms are living in the water like krill which light up the water as you make movements.

You can often experience this with nighttime diving by moving your arms around, but the greater movement with a kayak paddle makes the effect even more superb.

4. It’s a New Experience You Can Tell Your Friends About

Not many people have ever heard of kayaking at night. This means that experiencing your first nighttime kayak tour can be a great talking point.

You could share tales of the nature you saw, the nighttime stars and that romantic moment you shared with that stranger in the other kayak if only you knew his name…

5. You May Get The Chance To See Glowing Jelly

Depending on where in the world you are kayaking at night, you may get the chance to see glowing jelly. Particularly in Florida between November and May you get the chance to see the Comb Jellies out in force.

These 500 million-year-old creatures are all over that area, that’s why they call it glowing jellyfish season.

Don’t worry about any stinging, as these are jellies, not jellyfish they don’t sting. These Comb Jellies protect themselves by giving off a big greenish-blue glow. They believe it’ll scare off any predators that might come towards them.

If you’ve ever wanted to touch a beautiful jellyfish but without the stinging consequences, this can add an awesome touch to your night kayaking trip.

6. Explore Some Beautiful Nature In a Completely New Way

Wherever you are exploring when nighttime kayaking, you have to be careful. You have to be able to see and for others to see you, so as to avoid any dangers at night.

Once you realize you’re safe, that’s when the magic really happens. Experiencing scenic lakes, river routes and even the ocean can be an incredible experience in the daytime. When you change that to a nighttime adventure, you turn the whole thing on its head.

With the moonlight, stars and nighttime sky looking down on you, you’ll forget where you are and experience something that is truly memorable.

Experience Something New With Night Kayaking

Of all the outdoor activities that you could experience from outdoor mountain biking to checking out the birding hotspots, something is exciting and new about night kayaking that really grabs peoples attention.

To get started with your own bioluminescence tour or nighttime kayaking experience, get in touch with us today or book it online here!



  1. I’m glad you pointed out that kayaking at night will let you experience nature in a completely new way, since the night sky looking down on you makes it a truly unforgettable experience. My husband and I are interested in buying a kayak, so I’ve been looking for fun and unique kayaking experiences we could have. I didn’t realize that kayaking at night would be so magical, so thanks for sharing some of the advantages here!

  2. admin says:Reply

    We are glad you were able to experience the wonders of night kayaking, and hope that you saw some of Florida’s amazing bioluminescence! Happy paddling.

  3. After a night of kayaking, inspiration came to me:
    The night was as still as could be, the stars twinkling in the sky above, and the full moon glinting off the surface of the water. It was the perfect night for a little adventure.

    John had been wanting to go kayaking for months and he finally got the chance. He packed his bag, loaded the kayak on top of his car, and drove off to the nearby lake.

    John arrived at the lake around 10 o’clock, when the sun had already been set and the darkness had already taken over. He set up his kayak and got in, pushing off the shore and into the lake.

    The lake was much more peaceful at night than during the day. The water was calm and still, and the only sound was the occasional splash of a fish. John paddled quietly, admiring the stars and the moon above. He felt a sense of peace and tranquility that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

    John paddled for hours, stopping occasionally to take in the beauty of the night sky. He felt a sense of freedom and happiness that he hadn’t felt in a while. He was in his own little world, away from all of his worries and stress.

    He eventually returned to shore, exhausted but happy. He packed up his kayak and drove off, feeling refreshed and relaxed. He had experienced a night of kayaking that he wouldn’t forget.

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