Peak Bioluminescence Season Hits Florida!

by Audra Espinoza

BK Adventure guides have reported 10/10 bioluminescence since June 15th!

Best Time For Bioluminescence Tour

If you’ve never experienced a Florida bioluminescent kayaking tour, this is the perfect time to grab a kayak and go. It’s at its brightest right now! And if we are lucky, it should last until at least mid-September.

Watch the sea life of the lagoon light up as you paddle through the bioluminescent lagoon. See the phenomenal spectacle of blue glowing manatees, dolphins or rays as the bioluminescent plankton coats their bodies as they glide through the water!

BK Adventure Has More Ways to See Bioluminescence than Any Company in the World

Florida’s warm summers are the perfect time to go on a nighttime kayak tour. The dinoflagellate glow brightly from May through October making our waters look like Pandorian wonders from Avatar.

With each touch of a paddle or even your hand, you’ll be fascinated by the splash of blue sparkles on the water’s surface!  As if this wasn’t enough, on these dark summer nights – look up!  The sky is filled with its own light show of millions of sparkling stars. With no light pollution, the night skies are spectacular.

Florida Bucket-list Trip

This year’s most popular review comment is “add this to your bucket-list!”

The guides from BK Adventure are reporting bio to be 10/10 most nights of this season, which means it is the best bioluminescence people seen in many years. The water is producing hundreds of blue-green glowing dinoflagellates (plankton).

Florida’s Space Coast is becoming one of the most popular places in the world to see bioluminescence. The bright blue glow is better than that of the caribbean when the summer high season comes.

Clear Kayaks and Bioluminescence – Yes!

BK Adventure’s clear kayaking is a remarkable way to experience this phenomenon. They also offer tandem kayaks and family rafting. Something for everyone. On the tour, guests are given a life jacket, lights and a kayaking/rafting-101 speech with safety precautions taken seriously.  It might sound like too good to be true or even a celestial experience, but believe me, words can’t even start to describe this spectacle; you have to experience it to understand! A-MA-ZING!

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Author:  Audra Espinoza is a freelance marketing and PR writer from Venezuela.  She lives in Orlando, Florida.


  1. Had a similar experience back in 2019 when I went to Cocoa Beach Florida and a friend of mine took us to one of those famous full moon bioluminescent cocoa beach kayak tours. Little did we know that we were in for a trip.

    We weren’t really off the shore when something bumped into my kayak. My mind immediately went to the infamous alligators of Florida. Thankfully the guide was quick to notice and told us that they were just some dolphins that came to say hi.

    Throughout the tour we never felt the need of using torches and flood lights. Moonlight in the sky and bioluminescents in the water were enough.

    Along the trip we also came across manatee and southern stingrays.

    You should really check out the place if you are interested in a similar experience.

  2. DAVID URBISS says:Reply

    the word is that the Bio is gone from the Tiusville area . can you confim this. TY

    1. admin says:Reply

      Bioluminescence happens all year around in Florida. In summer, we see lots of plankton (the blue water), in autumn and winter we see bioluminescent comb jellies. So, no, the bioluminescence in Titusville is not gone, it just changes from season to season. This area of Florida is one of the best places in the world to see bioluminescence.

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