Why I love being the Chief Adventure Officer at BK Adventure – Florida Bioluminescence Tours

My name is Sandra Krasa BK and I am the Chief Adventure Officer at BK Adventure. I am Flo-Grown! Florida is my home state and I am passionate about sharing the wonders of our unique eco-systems with you. For all you Florida Gator fans out there, “it’s great to be a Florida Gator!” – University of Florida is my alma mater. For all you Knights, Seminoles, and Hurricanes… I love you too!

I grew up in Central Florida, and have spent a lot of time exploring the amazing state and national parks in the area. As a young adult, I travelled the world, worked in tourism and met my life partner, Ram BK, who is from Nepal. We both worked in tourism in Asia until we moved here to Florida in 2012.

It became my goal to show the world the most amazing parts of Florida nature. For me, that was bioluminescence. I had been to Thailand and Puerto Rico to see bioluminescence, and I was convinced that our Indian River Lagoon on the Space Coast had the best bioluminescence year round in the entire world! It became my mission to tell and show everyone this!

In 2016, we started BK Adventure with the goal to put Florida Bioluminescence on the map. The United States has some of the most unique natural wonders, and Florida has many! Here on the Indian River Lagoon, you can experience bioluminescence every month of the year – not just summer! You can see comb jellies in the winter, fireflies in the spring and autumn, and of course the famous bioluminescent plankton in the summer! Even the snapping shrimp light up with a red glow as they zap their prey.

Today, BK Adventure is the largest bioluminescence tour company in the world. We have rafting tours, kayaking tours, paddle boards, and glass-like clear kayaks. In the summer dark skies weeks, thousands of people will launch into the glowing waters to see the surreal phenomenon.

I hope to see you out there too! Thank you for being part of my life work and dream to show the world the amazing wonders of the Indian River Lagoon and my home state of Florida.