New Tour – Clear Kayak Sunset near Cocoa Beach

Brand New Clear Kayak Sunset Tour in 2022

BK Adventure launches into the new year with a new sunset tour done in clear kayaks! Previously, clear kayaks were only part of our bioluminescence tours. We are excited to now be able to offer the clear kayaks in our sunset tour done at Kiwanis Island Park near Cocoa Beach. BK Adventure is the first and only company to offer clear kayaks in the Cocoa Beach area with our clear bioluminescence tours, and we are eager to continue expanding and give more opportunities to explore the area on completely see-through kayaks.


Kiwanis Island Park offers breathtaking views of the Florida sunset. You’ll be able to relax on top of the calm water as birds fly past you and dolphins pop out of the water to say hello. In this 90 minute tour, your clear kayak allows you an unobstructed view into the waters below, and the unique creatures that inhabit the Indian River Lagoon and its tributaries. Sea life like manatees, dolphins, horseshoe crabs, jelly fish, and much more are regulars to this area.

Why clear kayaks?

Our clear kayaks are a guest, and staff, favorite. They offer a completely unique experience where you’ll look and feel like you’re sitting on top of the water. You won’t have to worry about your kayak blocking your view as a fish swims beneath you or a dolphin breaches the water in front of you. You may even get to watch as a curious mantee glides under your kayak.

If you want to keep the magic going after your sunset tour and see the water light up below you after dark, consider booking our Clear Kayak Bioluminescence Tour that also leaves from Kiwanis Island Park.

When should I book?

We currently offer this tour on weekend evenings. The sunsets are beautiful all year round in Florida, so come join us one night for an amazing time on the water. Dolphins are active all year as well, and are typically most active at two times of the day: the morning and at sunset. If you love to bird watch, many of our Florida birds have their nesting season in spring, and you can often see them along one of the coves in the park. We typically see birds such as cormorants, pelicans, herons, and roseate spoonbills.

Is this tour right for me?

If you love adventure, nature, and having an amazing view of the water and the organisms that call it home – this tour is probably for you! However, there are some limitations with our clear kayak tour. They have a weight limit of 250lbs per seat, with a total limit of 415lbs. These kayaks can also handle a bit differently, as they can be described as more of a kayak-canoe hybrid. If you aren’t sure if this might work for you, please contact us! We have several other tour options that may be better for you and still allow you to experience this unforgettable adventure.

The BK Adventure team can be reached at [email protected] or (407) 519-8711.

If you are ready to book your Clear Kayaking Sunset Tour, follow this link:

We look forward to showing you the beauty of Kiwanis Island Park.

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