Looking for Things To Do in Florida? – Here’s Why You Should Pick A Sustainable Eco-Tour

Here’s Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Florida Tours


Theme Parks are great, but there are so many other things to do in Florida! Whether you are a local looking for something to do in Florida or here on vacation, exploring Florida’s natural environment is the adventure you have been looking for! But don’t fall into the trap of picking just any tour, pick a sustainable eco-tour!

If you are someone who cares about the environment and likes to explore it when you travel, you have probably heard of these two words: Sustainability and Ecotourism, but do you know what they really mean?



sunset kayaking tour titusville, FloridaSustainability is easily broken down into three pillars; Social, Economic, and Environmental. Each are important and a company cannot be truly sustainable without all three.

Social sustainability means that the well being of all people must be considered in decision making. Economic sustainability requires that resources are fairly distributed and efficiently allocated. Lastly, environmental sustainability means that ecological resources are properly managed to ensure viability, enjoyment and usage into the future. In a growing world, sustainable development is important for our quality of life and our environment. Developing companies and communities sustainably is a win-win-win!



Ecotourism is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but with a few specific characteristics. Most just think of eco-tours as a way to travel into a natural area to see native flora, fauna and/or cultures. However, much more goes into a true eco-tour than just being in the great outdoors!

In fact, the principles of ecotourism mirror the concepts behind the three pillars of sustainability. For example, eco-tours should foster learning and respect for nature and cultures. Eco-tours should positively impact both the guests and the hosts. These eco-tours should also directly and positively impact efforts of conservation.

All of these characteristics, and more, provide structure for companies and guests to identify ecotourism.


How does BK Adventure operate sustainable eco-tours?

For tourists and locals who care about where they spend their hard earned dollars, BK Adventure provides guests with awesome tours that make have real positive impacts! Not only does BK Adventure employ local guides, office staff and management, but BK Adventure also partners with our owner’s second company, Trekt Himalaya.

Trekt Himalaya is an eco-tourism and volunteer tourism company in Nepal. Sales from BK Adventure tours support the efforts of Trekt Himalaya to better the quality of life for marginalized communities in Nepal through Medical Treks or Teaching Treks as well as support local guides on the Yoga Treks and Cultural Treks! You can learn more about the BK story here.

In our local Space Coast community, BK Adventure works to promote safe and responsible enjoyment of our natural environment. Our choice to not use single use plastic glow sticks in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge was a conscious decision to help reduce plastic waste. Instead, we found an alternative; reusable lights that have the same function, produce less waste and keep our tours safe. That’s another win-win-win!

Being a sustainable ecotourism company means that we are always evaluating our practices to see how we can improve. There is no finish line to becoming sustainable, but this does not discourage us. In fact, it encourages us to always be better. Our owners have told us, “we are not here to be average, we are here to be awesome!” Our team lives and works by that daily.

Considering how beautiful our natural environment is, we feel it is our job to share and protect it while we educate our guests from around the world! There are many places to visit in Florida, so we are proud to show guests why the natural lands are worth a visit! Touring with BK Adventure means supporting sustainable growth of Florida’s ecotourism. We want our guests to feel good about the choice they have made and enjoy their tour, whichever one they choose to go on. So we hope that when you choose to join us for your next adventure, that you think about the positive impact your purchase creates, here and around the world!

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