2023 Florida Dark Sky Bioluminescence Nights

JANUARY Our bioluminescence tours begin around 6pm/6:30pm and end around 7:30pm/8pm throughout the month of January. The moon will not be visible at these times January 8th – January 22nd. The new moon is January 21st, which will allow for continued minimal moonlight January 21st – January 28th. FEBRUARY  Our bioluminescence tours begin around 6:30pm/6:45pm …

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2023 Florida Bioluminescence Moon Calendar

When Can I See Bioluminescence? Bioluminescence is a year-long phenomenon. In the summer months, we see a bioluminescence produced by a plankton called dinoflagellates. In the winter months, we see a bioluminescence produced by comb jellies. During certain months we are able to see both of them at the same time during the transitionary periods. …

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Perseid Meteor Shower and Bioluminescence Tour Near Orlando, Florida

View the 2021 Perseid Meteor Shower on this Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour The beautiful, amazing Perseid meteor shower will be August 11th through August 13th. Don’t miss out on this unbelievable site to see! Come join us in one of our Clear Kayaks for a fantastic Bioluminescence tour and see the meteor shower on the water! …

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Where and How To See Florida Manatees

Spotting a Florida manatee the highlight of many vacations. Learn all about these wonderful animals and how to find them in the wild!

Kayaking with Monkeys on Florida’s Silver River

Are there Monkeys in Florida? When we think of wild monkeys climbing through the jungle, we usually think of the Amazon or the tropical forests of Asia. Florida, though sub-tropical, is not a natural home for monkeys. However, like the millions of human primates that have migrated to the Sunshine State, Rhesus monkeys now call Florida …

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Kayaking with Florida Manatees

What to do in Orlando – Haulover Canal Launch Site (Titusville, FL) – Thursday!  This is one of the most amazing eco-tour experiences you can have – anywhere! The manatees in the warm waters of the Indian River love to laze the day away in the coves and lagoons of this brackish estuary.  Paddle with us (quietly) …

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