Kayaking with Florida Manatees

manatees tour cocoa beach orlandoWhat to do in Orlando – Haulover Canal Launch Site (Titusville, FL) – Thursday! 

This is one of the most amazing eco-tour experiences you can have – anywhere! The manatees in the warm waters of the Indian River love to laze the day away in the coves and lagoons of this brackish estuary.  Paddle with us (quietly) into their little lagoon, and you will feel the essence of this mythical gentle giants.  Thought to be the original mermaids, manatees, (sea cows) seem to awaken something spiritual in those who come into close contact with them.  Feel the magic in their presence as the come up along your kayak to curiously check out who this new sea creature (you) is.  Manatees are friendly, curious creatures, and they often come right up to your boat.

We ask our kayakers to take as many photos and videos as they like, but to be quiet and not try to touch the manatees.  It is important to respect their environment and not disturb them.  But don’t be surprised if you get a splash or a spray as they come up for air!


Duration: 2 hours

Price: $48 per person

Includes: kayak, pfd, guides, fun and snack.

What You Should Bring: Sunblock, insect repellant, sunglasses, and water bottle

More about the Indian River Wildlife and Manatees

The Indian River Lagoon is an estuary that is fed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean making it a unique natural habitat.  Florida has more endangered or threatened species than any other state, and the Indian River is home to 36 rare or endangered wildlife.  The West Indian Manatee is one of them.   Manatees love this river because of the abundance of seagrass beds.

Other rare wildlife you are likely to see are: Wood Storks, Roseate Spoonbills, Loggerhead Turtles, Blue Crabs, Seahorse, Otters and Giant Blue Herrons.  In the summer months, night tours offer a rare view of glowing seaweed that is “bioluminescent.”  Yes – it glows in the dark!

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