Where To See and Experience The Bioluminescence Algae Phenomenon in Florida

Did you know that the Space Coast of Florida has an incredible otherworldly phenomenon of bioluminescence inside their dark warm waters? Whether you are paddling through, or dipping your hand into the water, you can watch the glowing blue bioluminescent water drip off it back into the water below. Guests have frequently said that this is similar to what they saw in the “Avatar” movies due to the movies illuminating a bright blue bioluminescence. Bioluminescence in Florida makes every day like the 4th of July; just a drip of water can create a firework effect within the dark waters below. 

Amazingly, there are only six spots in the world where you can see natural bioluminescence! The Indian River Lagoon happens to be one of them with the best spots here in Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach.

Best Time to Go on a Bioluminescence Kayak Tour in Florida 

SUMMER: During the summer, you can see a bioluminescence emitted by Dinoflagellates, a type of plankton. The best time to see these organisms would be May through November. They start to show very brightly by the peak of summer – these creatures sparkle bright when there is a disturbance in the water. This can be created by animals swimming through or some kayakers paddling along the surface of the water. The shining bioluminescent plankton is the strongest closer to a new moon during the months of July through August! 

WINTER: On the other hand, during the winter, you will see a bioluminescence emitted by Comb Jellies. While they have a similar name, they are very different from jellyfish and aren’t capable of stinging. November to May is the best time to visit these, which can be found within the dark lagoons of the Indian River Lagoon System. Depending on the temperature, these prehistoric creatures can sometimes be found year round ranging from the size of a needle all the way to the size of a softball. 

While both types of bioluminescence can be present year round, comb jellies are more likely to be found within the colder months, while dinoflagellates prefer the warm weather.


Are you ready to see the incredible Bioluminescent Comb Jellies and Dinoflagellates of Florida? Take a bioluminescence kayak tour with BK Adventure and experience a phenomenon that will remind you of the memorable Avatar movie. A true adventure with BK Adventure! 

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