How to Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Spirit Through Nature

There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature”  ~Aristotle

In today’s day and age people are going weeks without coming in contact with the wilderness. The screens around the world have taken over society. Most people can agree that nature is beautiful to admire but little do people know the impact nature has on strengthening our mind, body and spirit.


Are you someone who is “losing it” and ready to pull every last hair out of your head? Life is too short to let stress bully you and take control of your time. Stand up to stress and take control of your mind. It could save your life. Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart-disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Tackle stress by taking a moment out of your everyday life to get out in nature. Restore the peace in your overactive mind.

Various studies have supported the benefits of nature. The mood of someone who is stuck indoors surrounded by walls and behind a screen is much less positive and uplifting compared to someone who has went on a hike through the woods, planted a garden, took a shoeless walk on the beach, or even meditated under a tree.

According to researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, just being able to hear the sounds of nature can shift your nervous system into a relaxed state. The energy within our mother earth and the energy within every single living organism is connected, we are all one. It all starts with you realizing the problem and making the change.

Floridians enjoy activities such as taking a walk through the woods, listening to the birds and sightseeing all forms of life. When they feel more adventurous, they are pulling out the bikes, skateboards, and roller blades and checking out some new trails in the area. Some act like fish and prefer to be in the water by catching waves at the nearest beach, swimming, paddleboarding and even checking out our super fun kayaking tours at So go ahead, get up and get outside.


Nature is not only beneficial to your mind, but it has tremendous effects on your body. Plants protect themselves from bacteria and fungi much like the human body does. Instead of white blood cells, plants use a chemical known as phytoncides. Exposing yourself to plants makes it easy for the phytoncide to enter your body. It helps boost white blood cells to go after the diseases that are associated with many different health conditions.

Adding more trees and green-space in your day can also improve your air quality. The air indoors is more polluted. Thanks to our friends, the plants and trees, everyone can enjoy a nice breath of fresh air.

Did you know, 93% of time spent by people is indoors. That means the average human being is receiving 7% of natural sunlight and greenery a day. That is devastating. If you are one of those people, your body is lacking the sunlight it needs to stay healthy. The sun is essential and allows our body to produce Vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D can help promote vitamin absorption, strengthen bones and help reduce risk of certain cancers.


Unfortunately, in today’s society more people are detaching from our environment. It is crucial for society to unroot themselves from their connection to earth. Our bodies are designed to live in harmony with nature. Nature is our mother. It is important to take time to listen to our inner self and forget about your everyday life.

In doing so, you will feel the difference of your personal energy. Take off your shoes and dig your feet deep in the dirt or sand. Scientific research claims “earthing” helps push away negativity and boost positivity within the body. Stop worrying about the past and future, enjoy your now because you never know what the next second will bring.

  It’s time to reawaken your spirit. Albert Einstein once said, “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Everything in nature is within every one of us. The same water from oceans, lakes, rivers, and lagoons flow throughout our vessels. The soil that is rich in minerals creates our bones and muscles. The same ball of energy we gaze at in the night sky is a reflection of what we all have within.

  Everything in the universe is a reflection of you and me. If we continue to ignore the environment, we continue to hurt ourselves. Open your eye and realize the opportunity we have all been given. Take that first step to your new life, its waiting. Happy adventures!


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