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Bioluminescence Tours, Biking and Kayaking in Orlando Area

Bioluminescence Tours

Sunset Kayaking with Bioluminescence

Sunset Kayaking with the Manatees. On this AMAZING tour, we visit Manatee Central, where you see manatees in their natural habitat. As the sun goes down, the dolphins like to play too. In summer you will see bioluminescent sea life glowing after dark! This makes a great date!
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Bioluminescence Rafting Tour

Florida Bioluminescence Rafting! The only bioluminescent tour in Florida that is NOT in a kayak. Family friendly and for those who want to see the magic neon glowing waters from the comfort of a paddle raft. Close to Orlando and Cocoa Beach.. This is great adventure for kid or groups of 6-8, Raft guide in each boat.
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Clear Kayaks Bioluminescence Tour

Clear Kayaking is a spectacular way to experience  Florida's bioluminescent waters.  We take you to the glowing Indian River lagoon in the warm summer months when the dinoflagellate bioluminescence shines bright with each stroke of your paddle. MOST POPULAR TOUR!
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Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking

Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking Tours near Port Canaveral and less than 1 hour from Orlando. Departs every night from May thru October. See the amazing bioluminescent glowing waters of Florida's own "Bioluminescent Bay" on the Banana River near Cocoa Beach!
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Kayaking - Daytime Tours

Econ River Kayaking Tour

Join us for one of Orlando's best eco-friendly day tours - kayaking on the Little Econlockhatchee River. This tour takes you through an ancient native forest, once inhabited by the Tainos. The Econ is one of Florida's "blackwater" rivers. This makes it a unique wildlife habit.
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Silver Springs Monkey Tour in Clear Kayaks

Did you know there are wild monkeys in Florida? Yep! Join us at the historic Silver Springs to start a monkey tour through paradise that leads into the Silver River. You will see more wildlife in nature on this tour than on any other tour – so be prepared to take lots of photos.
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Dolphin & Manatee Kayaking Tour

This is one of the most amazing eco-tour experiences you can have - anywhere! And we have it right here in the Orlando area for our guests. The manatees in the warm waters of the Indian River love to laze the day away in the coves and lagoons of this brackish estuary.
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Sunset Kayaking with Bioluminescence

Sunset Kayaking with the Manatees. On this AMAZING tour, we visit Manatee Central, where you see manatees in their natural habitat. As the sun goes down, the dolphins like to play too. In summer you will see bioluminescent sea life glowing after dark! This makes a great date!
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Welcome to BK Adventure Florida Bioluminescence, Kayaking and Biking Tours

Try our Unique Things To Do in Orlando, Florida

Looking for unique things to do in Florida beside theme parks? Welcome to our world-class Florida Kayaking Tours.

BK Adventure is part of an international adventure tour outfitter with local guides taking you to the heart of wild Central Florida. We offer canoeing and kayaking near Orlando area parks and rivers, hiking, and biking day trips.  We also have bioluminescence kayaking and rafting tours near Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach that are perfect for cruise ship guests in port for the day!  Check out our Manatee and Dolphin Kayak Tour.

Join the BK Adventure team as we take you to see the REAL, WILD Florida! Alligators, manatees, monkeys and more! Whether you want to bike, hike and kayak, we lead you through some of the world’s rarest and most diverse eco-systems.

Summer Time in Florida is best for Bioluminescence Kayaking Night Tours

From June – October, we take you to see this natural wonder with our bioluminescence kayaking tour called Neon Nights!

See the sea creatures (Dinoflagellate Algae) of the Indian River lagoon light up with a neon glow.  These tours start after 9pm, so it is the perfect thing to do for “date night” or after dinner.  It is also a great combination trip in conjunction with a visit to nearby Kennedy Space Center or Cocoa Beach.

Our kayaks launch from the Haulover Canal on the wildlife refuge in Titusville, Florida.  This is the absolute best place in Florida to see bioluminescence.  The wildlife refuge protects the waters of the Indian River Lagoon, and there is very little light pollution.  This allows you to see the amazing neon glow of the water produced by dinoflagellates (glowing plankton) with each paddle stroke.

An amazing site that you don’t want to miss on your visit to Florida!

Blue Spring State Park – See the Manatees through our 100% Clear Kayaks!

Check one of Florida’s most pristine waterways, Blue Springs!  This place is especially wondrous in the winter season as the manatees move into frolic in the warms waters of the springs.  BK Adventure takes you there for a magical day of paddling and snorkeling with our Blue Springs Manatee Tour in Clear Kayaks.   Be sure to bring your waterproof cameras or GoPros because this is a nature photography dream come true in the clear waters of the spring!  Post something to Instagram that will make National Geographic green with envy! Or blue!

Monkey Tour near Silver Springs – Amazing Natural Beauty

This is perhaps one of our most popular excursions – paddle on the Silver River, home to Florida’s first eco-tour attraction. BK Adventure is bringing back glass bottom boats with our Clear Kayaking Springs Tour!

We take you onto one of the world’s most beautiful natural waterways where you will see an abundance of wildlife, including monkeys! (Not guaranteed, but they are there 90% of the time).  Hotel pick-up is provided with this tour.

Hotel Pick-Up from Orlando Disney Area & International Drive

Our eco tours are a great option for those who do not want to rent a car, or for those who just want to relax and have someone else do the driving for the day.

There are many things to do in Florida outside in nature. Our guides will pick you up right from your hotel if your are staying on International Drive, in a Disney hotel, or in the Lake Buena Vista area.  If you are not staying in one of those places, you can still get picked up.  Simply meet us at the Visit Orlando Visitor’s Center on International Drive. 

We also offer private group, school, church as requested. Call us for more information and rates.



About our Orlando Kayaking and Biking Eco Tours 

BK Adventure brings Himalayan hospitality right to the Sunshine State.

The owner of BK Adventure is Ram BK, an experienced adventure outfitter from Nepal. He has 15 years of experience guiding climbing, kayaking and rafting tours in Nepal.  He brings his special blend of Eastern wisdom, adventure humor, and animal attraction (seriously, animals come right up to him… see the manatee video on our Youtube channel) to his tours.

And let’s not forget the lunch! On full day trips, you get a picnic lunch – Ram’s special sandwiches and snacks.  Not sure how he makes them so tasty, but everyone loves the lunch!  Ram can not go on all the tours, but he instills his sense of adventure and fun in the who BK Adventure team.  Each trip is designed to impart the same charm, fun and LUNCH as if he were personally guiding it.

Check out our kayaking and biking tour reviews for more information. 

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Best Manatees Kayaking trip with BK

Our guest were very happy about the manatees kayaking trip. There are many manatees and wildlife to be seen in Orlando Florida. Join us on our next tour at