7 Fun Facts to Know Before Your Comb Jelly Bioluminescence Tour 

Want to impress your friends and family on your bioluminescence tour with fun facts about the comb jellies? Ready to show off your knowledge to your tour guide? You’re in the right place! What exactly are comb jellies? Comb jellies (also called ctenophores) look similar to your average jellyfish, but they are a completely different …

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Haunted Bioluminescence Kayaking – Halloween Tour on the Space Coast

BK Adventure Bioluminescent Tours presents: Mystery of the Bio; a Halloween Spooktacular Tour! Florida locals and guests – Ready for this Halloween’s most unusual event?  Come kayak with us on the “otherworldly” waters of Florida’s own bioluminescent river as your guide tells you the legend of the mysterious glow and how it got there.  Don’t …

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7 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Kayaking Trip

Kayaking is already an environmentally conscious watersport. There isn’t any fuel being burned or gasses emitted and it’s entirely powered by the person riding it. But even if it’s already eco-friendly, there’s a lot you can do to reduce your environmental impact on a trip Avoid Polluting and Littering It might seem like a no-brainer …

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2023 Florida Dark Sky Bioluminescence Nights

JANUARY Our bioluminescence tours begin around 6pm/6:30pm and end around 7:30pm/8pm throughout the month of January. The moon will not be visible at these times January 8th – January 22nd. The new moon is January 21st, which will allow for continued minimal moonlight January 21st – January 28th. FEBRUARY  Our bioluminescence tours begin around 6:30pm/6:45pm …

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Florida Bioluminescence Still Bright After Hurricane

Florida bioluminescence is still bright after Hurricane Ian. Here is what we know about how weather affects bioluminescence. Check this before your book your tour.

Top 5 Experiences to Gift Central Florida Dads for Father’s Day

Give Dad the best gift of all this Father’s Day – an adventure with you! Orlando, Florida has plenty of experiences for the whole family to enjoy, whether you’re a more ‘keep it relaxed’ type of family or if your family prefers to get their adrenaline rushing! Sunset and Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour Book a Sunset …

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