Bioluminescence Kayak Tour and Other Cool Date Ideas

Trying to plan the perfect date night? Check out our list of fun outdoorsy dates, including taking a bioluminescence kayak tour, that is sure to impress!

If you’re still taking your significant other out for dinner and a movie on date night, it’s time to reevaluate some things.

That’s a nice plan every once in a while, but sometimes, it’s worth putting a little more effort in. This doesn’t mean spending a bunch of money, either.

You just have to get creative about how you share your time with your significant other. Brainstorm how to turn the things you’re both passionate about into dates. Or, find activities to experience for the first time together – like going on a hike or a bioluminescence kayak tour.

Either way, you’re sure to bring a certain sparkle to their eye as you share the plans for your upcoming date. But first, you’ve got to decide what to do!

Here are some amazing options to get you and yours out of the normal routine, and enjoying a date in Florida’s great outdoors.

Paddleboarding or Kayaking

Sometimes, people think they aren’t athletic enough to enjoy the outdoors. Or, they’re worried the blazing heat of summer will take away from the fun.

Stop letting such thoughts get in the way and take your date out paddleboarding or kayaking. These are great activities for anyone to do! It doesn’t matter how old you are or how athletic – you just have to know how to swim and learn how to use a paddle.

Kayaking is arguably the easier of the two. It’s a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy a day on the water. You can plan a tour that takes you to some great sights or go solo with your date and make a little pit stop somewhere for food or rest.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, paddleboarding is the way to go. This is a bigger physical challenge than kayaking. Paddling takes balance and a bit of upper body strength, but again, it’s something anyone can learn how to do.

No matter if you’re standing on a paddleboard or sitting back in a kayak, you’re sure to have a great time. You can go out on a river, check out a Florida spring, or even go out on the open water.

A Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

If you want to take the excitement of kayaking up a notch, go at night.

Find a bioluminescence kayak tour available in your area, or, make it part of a little staycation in a coastal Florida town. This is sure to be a night you’ll both remember for a long time. A bioluminescence kayak tour allows you to experience Florida’s water in a way you never have before.

Below you, the water seems to glow as lifeforms come alive in the night. Above, the stars are shining bright and guiding the way to the adventure that awaits. Not to worry though, your bioluminescence kayak tour will be led by an actual guide.

Camping on the Beach

To get a little bit of both night and day, take your date camping on the beach.

This is a great opportunity for the two of you to get away from everyday life. It’s hard to spend some special time together between work, friends, and family, and any classes either of you may be taking.

To give each other special, undivided attention, get in touch with your surroundings. Setting up camp on a Florida beach is bound to be much more laid-back and personal than going to a popular tourist beach. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but sometimes, you just want it to be the two of you.

Camping on the beach is all about spending time with your special someone as you enjoy the stars, the waves, and a little escape.

Hiking Florida’s Nature Trails

Maybe it’s still too soon in your relationship for a romantic bioluminescence kayak tour or a stay on the beach. To just enjoy some quality time getting to know each other, go for a hike!

That’s right – you don’t need mountains or large rock formations for a hike. There are plenty of beautiful Florida trails to explore.

All you have to do is find the ones closest to you, or take a little drive to the trails that interest you most. Make sure to pack a snack and tell your date to wear appropriate clothing!

Cycling Around Town

If you live in or are visiting a bigger Florida destination – like Orlando, Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville – nice trails may not be as available as they would be elsewhere. Although there are some gorgeous parks in these cities, cycling might be the better choice for your date.

These major Florida metropolitan areas have bike sharing programs all around town. Some may be limited to the downtown or beach area, while other cities have drop-off points in many boroughs. This gives you the option to plan a little route exploring the whole city, or to take it easy and get to know a certain area.

Ziplining, Wakeboarding, or Jet Skiing

The excitement missing from your dating life may have nothing to do with the attraction between you and yours. It may just be a matter of getting all your energy out with a little adrenaline boost.

If you’re an active pair, do something a little more extreme. Find a place to go ziplining – yes, Florida has this too!

Or, try your hand at wakeboarding or jet skiing. These are just a handful of fun, outdoor experiences that are sure to give you both a big rush.

Who knows, one of these activities may become a new hobby for the two of you to continue exploring!

Set a Date to Remember

As great as the above date ideas may sound, they’re not worth much until you set a plan to actually make them happen. Pick a day to take your special someone away and try something new together.

Whether it’s an afternoon kayaking clear waters or a whole night spent on the beach together, there’s something incredible waiting in Florida’s backyard. Enjoy it together and make sure it’s a date you’ll never forget.

For booking options and more Florida eco-tour ideas, click here.

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