How to know that you are an adventurer?

  1. You like to eat lunch in the local parkecon kayaking in florida

  2. You dream about jumping off the cliff or the building for more than three timesan adventurer

  3. You would rather climb a mountain than a career ladderhiking trekking

  4. You would rather ride a mountain bike than a busmountain bike hike

  5. You cannot stand staying indoor for more than an hour.funny-cat-picture-get-me-out

  6. You are happy to travel three hours outside the city in order to hit a good hiking spotdriving to kayak location

  7. You constantly tell yourself that “Today is the day I quit my job”quit-my-job

  8. You believe in your dream. Every day is a new opportunity to dream new dreams, and to begin making them realflorida weather

  9. You’re not afraid to take a different route from the othersmountain biking peddle and paddle

  10. You want to make a career from adventureeco tour guide helping guest

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