First Time Kayaking and Dolphin Scares the YKW Out of Me

Learned to Kayak and Saw Some Mermaids (Ok, Manatees!)

Today was my first day kayaking! I have never been on a kayak, a boat, or a canoe. So sitting in this kayak alone was rather interesting. A little bit wobbly, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The amazing part, was seeing these manatees swimming right around me.  Kayaking for the first time and seeing these big beautiful creatures for the first time, you could say I was excited and my senses were heightened. I could not help but think “will they tip me over?” And will I die or get hurt if they tip me over. I am a pretty calm person, so questions like that are usually brushed off. As long as I didn’t fall into the water.

However, in just a few moments, I could tell that these giant mammals were pretty friendly. They weren’t scared by me or the kayak at all. So I enjoyed my time just being surrounded by these magnificent animals. I was taught how to paddle left and right by my instructor, Ram, who has countless years of guiding experience. It’s a pretty simple concept, paddle on your left side and you will move to the right and the same is vice versa.

I See a Dorsal Fin

Later on in the tour, about 50 feet away we see a dorsal fin sticking out of the water and a very tall bird that looks like a grey heron. Of course we’re wondering if that is a shark that is going to eat a bird. And its splashing aggressively back and forth.  My instructor says he thinks it’s a dolphin, so we start paddling over there and I’m both excited and nervous because it might be a shark. And I would rather not be anywhere near a shark.

Attack! Or is it…?

But as we paddle closer it starts swimming away and at this point, we’re basically chasing the dolphin. We figured a shark would have attacked us by now. Except the dolphin suddenly turns around and starts jetting right in my direction, and I’m thinking “please don’t tip me, please don’t hurt me.”

Showing off its skills, it comes to a complete stop just 2 feet away. Yes, I panicked a bit. And I have learned this already, dolphins are really playful! I just got mesmerized by the wild dolphin in real life, that I forgot what I had already known. Real life and Sea World are 2 completely different adventures.

I’m Hooked! It’s A Kayak Guide’s Life for Me. 

Needless to say, that was an amazing experience that I think everyone should try. Being immersed in nature with its wild life is a fun experience, and a good learning tool. I learned that chasing wild life might end up with you being chased. So be prepared for an adventure that can only be given by a force much greater than us.


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