Kiwanis Island Park Clear Kayaking (Cocoa Beach area) 

This location is known for its easy access, and amazing bioluminescence. This fun night time tour will take you around the island and into coves to see bioluminescence. Perfect addition to your Cocoa Beach vacation! Check the location on Google Maps Here – Kiwanis.

Florida Bioluminescence - derek demeter

Wildlife Refuge Clear Kayaking (Space Center area)

This location is remote and gives you a true wildlife experience. View the unspoiled coastline of ancient Florida where there is no light pollution and views of the Milky Way above are almost as glorious as the bioluminescence below. This area is known for some of the world’s best bioluminescence. You should expect that in a remote, natural locale such as this, there will be mosquitoes, so prepare for that. The location on Google Maps is Here – MINWR Beacon 42.

Clear Kayaks Bioluminescence in Titusville, Florida - Indian River Lagoon

Clear Kayak Bioluminescence – Parrish Park

Clear Kayak Bioluminescence - Space Center Views! Join this magical tour to see the world's brightest bioluminescence. This tour gives great views of the VAB at Kennedy Space Center, and takes you to an island for glowing bioluminescence.

$79 Approx. 1.5 hour