7 Smart Gifts for Florida Adventure Seekers!

7 Gifts You Can Get Last Minute For Your Favorite Outdoorsy Person This holiday season has snuck up on all of us, and if you’re still trying to figure out what gifts to give, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, a lot of online retailers and smaller shops have already cut off their Christmas orders due to …

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When is Bioluminescence Season in Florida?

Every year as cooler months roll around, BK Adventure gets excited to see bioluminescent comb jellies start to glow and flourish. But we often hear the comment from misinformed locals that “bioluminescence season is over.” That’s not quite accurate. So, when is bioluminescence season? The real answer is, almost always. And if you think about …

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COVID-19 Updates

Summer 2020 – Our tours will be small groups of 8 tandem boats with 1 guide.  Kayaks remain at least 6 feet apart (the length of the kayak paddle, plus boat makes this a natural distance).  All equipment has been thoroughly disinfected before each tour.  Except for rafts. They are 8 people per raft. You …

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7 Great Things You Can Do in Florida Besides Theme Parks

Looking for some fun near Orlando while Disney and Universal are closed? Here are 7 Things You Can Enjoy (Other than busy, crowded theme parks): 1. Kayak Tours in the Indian River Lagoon The Indian River Lagoon is one of the most biodiverse estuaries on the planet. It is teeming with wildlife that you will …

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6 Unique Things to Do in Florida for Spring Breakers!

Looking for a unique thing to do in Florida during your spring break? Look no further! Skip the typical theme parks and beaches and do a truly one of a kind activity during your Florida vacation.

Helpful Tips to Go Kayaking

Don’t jump right into it – even though it’s tempting! There is usually more involved with kayaking than people think. Make sure to do your research before going on your first trip. Some ways to help you learn and get some experience are: Go on a tour with an experienced guide. They have a lot …

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